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Lakeview Industries, Kiss and Die Cutting of Sponges, Foams and Rubber, Extruded and Molded Rubber

Lakeview IndustriesLakeview Industries
1225 Lakeview Drive
Chaska, MN 55318
Tel:  952-368-3500
Toll Free:  800-852-5384

    Kiss and Die Cutting
    Molded and Extruded Rubber
    Slitting, Splicing and Laminating of Foams, Sponges and Rubbers


Reardon Components, LLC provides industrial components, stampings, short run stampings, sheet metal fabrication, kiss & die cutting, extruded rubber, molded rubber, screw machine products, milling & turning, injection molding, die casting, conventional die casting, miniature die casting, aluminum die casting, zinc die casting, sand castings, aluminum sand castings, import services, springs, cold headed parts, cold headed rivets, fasteners, specialty components, weldments, assemblies, hinges, latches, pulls, knobs, and custom access hardware. Our principals are Component Solutions, Inc., Tempco Manufacturing Co., Inc., Lakeview Industries, Callen Group, Valley Fastener Group, and Sierra Pacific Engineering and Products.


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